Hairstyles from London to Salon Virho

Hairstyles from London to Salon Virho

”Individual and experimental. Inspired by street fashion. Such hair styles are in fashion in London,” says Indira Schauwecker, one of the world”s top hairdressers. Indira trained Virho’s staff in Oulu.

Scissors snipping and tufts of hair flying, the Hall of Fame award winning hair artist started training in Salon Virho.

”Don’t fall into the habit of doing what you usually do. Be creative,” Indira advised.

Schauwecker emphasises the personality of the customer, “Cuts and styles should not be replicated directly to anyone. For example, trend collections form only the basis for application. This cut would include a short fringe, but I will leave it longer because of the model’s face and head shape.”

Schauwecker creates trend collections, styles in top fashion shows and trains hair professionals around the world. She has been in Finland once before, this was her first time in Oulu.

“Visiting a hair salon to train staff is extremely rare for Indira, usually she only performs in major events in the industry. Indira came to Oulu directly from Italy, where hundreds of participants attended her training session,” informed Karoliina Tuomisto, CEO of TONI & GUY label.m Finland.

Hairstyles from London to Salon Virho

Styling tips

”Attitude,” Schauwecker underlined, and admitted that good-looking “undefined” hairstyles can be difficult to do.

The London guru presented techniques and tips to make the hairdressers’ work easier. About twenty Virho staff closely followed as she coiled a handful of the model’s long, straight hair, sprayed it with lacquer and blow dried. When her fingers opened, the hair was curly.

Coiling and other tricks not only speed up the work of the hairdresser, but also work for the client at home.

”Distribute the tips to your clients. They are your business cards,” suggested Schauwecker.

Salon Virho”s hairdresser, Laura Määttä, is confident that the learnings from the day will be used in her work with clients.

”I was most excited about the little tricks that make the same cut work for many different styles. I will also use the simple techniques introduced, to enhance the look of hairstyles,” Määttä said.

Hairstyles from London to Salon Virho

Returning to London”s hair fashion, Schauwecker says that curls are a big hit again.

“The “Mullet” is in, in London now. It”s a hairstyle from the 1980s, which is long at the back, but short at the front and sides. On the other hand, you can also see a return to the 60s. But updated and always adapted for the individual client,” Schauwecker stressed.

What inspires the hairdresser’s new creations?

”I get ideas from very different sources. For example, textiles, handicrafts and nature,” replied the trendsetter, who has created many famous braiding techniques.

The training was preceded by a casting event in which Schauwecker chose three young women as models for the training day. For two of them, she cut styles based on her trend collection. For the third, she created a striking braided hairstyle.

”The cuts presented in the collection function as if they were a vehicle. A car won’t go anywhere without driving it. Strong professional skills and a good eye give the direction in which the car is being steered,” said Schauwecker, who loves her work passionately and stresses the importance of continuously practising.

Hairstyles from London to Salon Virho

Indira Schauwecker

  • One of the world”s most followed hair stylists.
  • 37 years old. Born and graduated as a hairdresser in Switzerland.
  • She moved to London at 18 years on a scholarship.
  • Several international awards, including three-times Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year and reigning London Hairdresser of the Year award.
  • Styles in top shows, London Fashion Week, among others
  • TONI&GUY and label.m International Artistic Director, as well as the designer and producer of trend collections.
Redken Symposium 2016 Barcelona!

Redken Symposium 2016 Barcelona!

Redken Symposium 2016 was held in the lovely city of Barcelona, at Gallerie Forum Auditorium. This unique hair fashion event included three days of training and spectacular shows.


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